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LoMag Warehouse Management

LoMag Warehouse Management is a tool created for managing warehouses of a small or medium-sized enterprise
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28 October 2015

Editor's review

This is a warehouse management tool.

LoMag Warehouse Management is a simple tool with intuitive control that let you manage warehouse of a small or medium-sized business. Multiple businesses and their documentation could be managed easily. The application is distributed and lets you work on more than one station. It will support prices and accounts for the sake of completeness. But, if you have established accounting processes, this option can be turned off. The tables displayed for data display and entry could be customized as you need them. Composition and content of all tables in the program can have columns hidden if not required. You could, of course add you own columns too. Description fields or adding of weight, length, etc. would be examples of such additional columns. The program Interface is simple and user friendly. What contributes to that is the policy of using Windows’ controls wherever possible. Users are able to start using the tool very quickly due to existing familiarity.

Documents could be designed visually. What gets printed out could be completely customized with your company identity. Barcodes can be used to make data entry easier. You may also add photos of the items to the printouts. The tool includes an advanced label designer. Complex labels of various sizes can be created easily. Multiple labels can be printed out on a single sheet too. The program supports both stationary barcode readers and wireless data collectors. This is a very good product. If your business requires warehouse management, here is a good candidate.

Publisher's description

LoMag Warehouse Management is a simple intuitive tool, prefect for the management of a small or medium-sized enterprise. It allows you to manage any number of warehouses, makes creating warehouse documents easy and offers you the option of working on several computers at the same time. Working with LoMag is fast and safe.
Simple, intuitive user's interface:
The program puts great emphasis on user-friendliness. It employs the standard Windows components: menus, tool bars and other typical controls. Thanks to this approach, you can start working very fast without any training.
Adjusting the configuration to your needs:
In LoMag the support of prices and accounts is optional. If you don't need to manage accounts, you can mark this option and the windows in the program will not display the accounts or ask you to type them in. You may also adjust the composition and content of all tables in the program, e.g. hide the unneeded columns in the report or add your own. If you need to describe a given item, you may add your own description fields or columns, e.g. weight, length.
Designing your own document templates and labels:
We also offer you a visual designer of documents, in which you may create your own printouts, e.g. with your own logo. The editor allows you to use barcodes for any of the program fields, e.g. you can add a barcode to any given field in a table with a list of issued items, so that you do not have to enter any values manually. You may also add photos of the items to the printouts. The advanced label designer even allows you to create complex labels of various sizes. You can also print out many small labels on one page, e.g. 10 labels on one A4 sheet (5 rows, 2 labels each).
Support of barcode readers and label printers:
The advanced label designer supports almost all label printers and label sizes. The program supports both stationary barcode readers, as well as wireless data collectors.
LoMag Warehouse Management
LoMag Warehouse Management
Version 3.3.5
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